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Mobile Etiquette in Today’s Society

Photo Credits: Getty ImagesSince the addition of Vine to the social media scene, I’ve begun to notice how much we really document our lives from our phones.

We check into Facebook while at a concert. Tweet during the sporting event we’re watching. Instagram a picture of our dinner from the restaurant. Now, we can even post a video to Vine of us eating the dinner. At what point will we put the phone down and say “enough”?

Last weekend I was out to dinner with some friends. As I reached for my phone to tag us all at the restaurant, I realized I didn’t want to be “that person”. We all know who that person is. The one who is always on their phone at any given event, and who sometimes misses out on what’s going on because of it. I’ll be the first to admit I am a prime offender.

Hello. My name is Kathleen and I am addicted to “Instagram-ing” any event I go to.

The ability to be connected is one of the great things about technology. But do we really need to be that connected all the time? When we’re out enjoying the company of friends and family, we should be doing just that; enjoying the time with them. Yes, taking a picture every now and then and uploading it straight to Facebook is fine. But don’t miss out on your friend’s joke, an important part of a movie, a sick goal in the hockey game, or a valuable family moment because you’re too busy trying to share on the social channels what you’re doing.

The next time you’re out, I challenge you to keep your phone in your pocket or handbag the entire night. I know it’s hard. Even as I’m writing this post, I want to check my phone and even tweet about how much I enjoy writing blog posts. But that would be one step forward, two steps back, wouldn’t it?

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My Boston Marathon Experience Through Twitter

Over breakfast on Monday, April 15th, I excitedly told my fiance “its Marathon Monday!” When I got to work, I went to watchlive.baa.org to stream the marathon coverage for free – I even tweeted how excited I was the website existed since it wasn’t on local TV in Baltimore.

So where does this excitement come from?  I have been running for a few years now, and completed my first marathon last fall. As all runners know, Boston is the Holy Grail –I’ve definitely dreamt of a BQ (Boston Qualifying time) and love watching as runners in my community train and work so hard for theirs. I was excited on Monday to track the everyday runners I knew were running, as well as to see how American Elite runners Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher would do.


As I was keeping up on the women’s race via the stream, I was also keeping up on Twitter via the #bostonmarathon hashtag. Towards the end of the women’s race, I tweeted my excitement for Shalane Flannigan as she was in the 4th spot – and so close to placing in the marathon.  After the elites, I continued to monitor the hashtag throughout the morning and saw when the runners I was tracking finished around the 3:20 mark.

Within the hour, my Twitter feed changed completely. It went from tweets of excitement about a cherished event to tragedy and confusion. ...

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Super Bowl 47 Live Tweet Recap

Big brands, blackouts, Beyonce and the Lombardi Trophy in Charm City? Havas Discovery (and friends) provided a running commentary on it all. If you’re logged into Twitter, check out our Super Bowl 47 tweets by searching for #DSCBowl.

Here's a sample of some the tweets from Team Discovery and friends:







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Marketing to Multitasking Multi-Screeners

We recently blogged about Sequential Device Users, but Simultaneous Device Users are another audience advertisers must take into consideration.  Similar to targeting Sequential Device Users, there is a great focus on positioning ads across multiple screens when trying to reach Simultaneous Device Users.  It is important to recognize how using various media to reach these users differ while addressing consumer expectations.

Consumers access media across multiple touch points and are bombarded with information throughout the course of the day.  Ads are seen and heard on the TV or radio. Apps are tied to social networks that direct consumers to brand websites. Through all of these “in your face” marketing tactics, consumers hold more power to engage with brands on their own time than ever before. While this means new ways to reach consumers, marketers must develop cross-platform strategies with a constant creative message to generate a consistent experience for consumers. Using a broad media mix in your strategic marketing plan provides consumers with several opportunities to interact with a brand that breaks through the clutter in a world of disruptive advertising messages.   ...

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Ask Me About My ‘Stache’ – Havas Discovery Participates In Movember

Marisa Beauduy - Digital Marketing Strategist marisa.beauduy@havasdiscovery.com

Havas Discovery HavastacheTime to grow your Mo! Movember, a worldwide initiative, designates the month of November for men to grow a mustache. These mustaches are the staple of Movember to drive conversation about men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. At Havas Discovery, we are taking on the challenge and participating, so ask us about our 'stache'.

We have gathered a number of men (Mo Bros) and women (Mo Sistas) to take action this month. The team will work together to grow out mustaches, spread awareness about men's health to family and friends, and raise money for the team's charity donation...

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A Peek Inside Betaworks: A Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, But One That Knows A Lot About You

Mike Jozaitis - Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist @mjoza | michael.jozaitis@havasdiscovery.com

To normal folks around the world, social media is all about websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn. To marketers, those names only make up half of the equation -- services like Radian 6, Hoot Suite, Tweet Deck, Bit.ly, Social Flow, Buffer & many others complete the equation. Our side of the world focuses not just on the social conversation itself, but on the value it brings to our clients, how engaged a community is, and how we engaged with and measure the conversation.

Earlier this week, we wrote about all things AdWords from SMX East 2012, now we’ll focus on the Wednesday Keynote where conference organizer Danny Sullivan interviewed Betaworks CEO John Borthwick...

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Find Us At SMX East 2012 Tomorrow

Marisa Beauduy - Digital Marketing Strategist marisa.beauduy@havasdiscovery.com

SMX East attendees badgeThis time of year is big for advertising, digital, and social media conferences all around the US. It’s the perfect time to recap what’s happened so far in 2012 and start planning for 2013. Tomorrow, the search team at Havas Discovery will be heading up to NYC to attend this year’s SMX East at the Javits Center on the lower east side.

SMX (Search Marketing Expo) is one of the world’s largest leading search engine marketing conferences. The main goal for all the attendees is to learn tactics on how to increase website traffic, acquire conversions, and ultimately make more sales! This three-day show is full of sessions that cover Internet marketing topics, from SEO to paid seach to local and mobile search, and finally, social media. ...

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Email Marketing in 2012 Part 1 of 3 – Open and Click Rates Climbing

Every year we are provided an aggregation of email marketing data from some terrific marketing research organizations. The data provides an outlook of the industry overall, and this year’s report has proved again that email is not dead. Email marketing rates continue to grow despite many pundits’ opinions that email will be swallowed up by the social media black hole.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released its "Response Rate 2012 Report" mid-June and compared 2012 email open and click rates to 2010 rates (Editor’s Note: We’re not sure why the report skipped 2011) for both home-grown, existing customer lists and prospect lists. Here are some of the statistics that stood out most to us:

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